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STILL Inhalation Salts 
Create a moment of calm, stillness and deep relaxation. Still is a blend of beautifully calming essential oils designed to relax the mind and body when inhaled. It’s nurturing, comforting aroma can be beneficial for any moment of stress and also used as a pre sleep ritual or to during the night if you wake up and find it difficult to switch off and relax. 

!ingredients: Himalayan pink salts. Essential oils of Mandarin, Lavender, Rose Absolute and Sweet Marjoram. 

Gently shake the jar before opening. hold the jar under your nose at chin level (eyes closed) and inhale the aroma deeply several times.  Please avoid during pregnancy. 

When to use:
If you're in need of a moment of complete calm

At the start of or to deepen your meditation

Before sleep or if you wake in the night.

Glass jar 50g