Aromatherapy Workshop

Aromatherapy Workshop

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to blend Aromatherapy based products effectively and safely for yourself? This 'one on one' workshop with Audra covers Blending Factors, Essential Oil Notes and safe and effective ratio blending. We'll also look at approx 20 different Essential Oils and their properties. By the end of the session you'll be able to formulate Essential Oil blends, body oils and Rollerball blends for stress and wellbeing . This is a really interesting workshop for anyone who might be thinking of studying Aromatherapy, starting a business in the wellness area or who already loves Essential Oils but wants to know how to use them effectively.

Cost includes any products formulated on the day (minimum of 3) and the Aromatherapy Workbook Manual

Cost: $395

Time: 3 hours

Where: Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

Time: By appointment when a booking has been placed ore email for availability